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Hi all, We see many threads on production order closure of previous period, which means in many organization which implemented SAP for quite a few years back say 5 years or more, and people from

Dear all,      Every manufacturing line works with certain amount of efficiency and every industrial engineer or production departments knows this well in manufacturing shop floor about it. And while doing capacity planning and production

Dear all, Hope may be the list useful for quick check during developments for production order transactions. 1. Below list for order creation for transactions CO01/COR1/CO02/COR2 CCOWB001        Customer exit for modifying menu entries COIB0001        Customer

Dear all, Most of you are aware of MRP Exception messages. Many are self explanatory and can help to analyze the MRP results. We can check the MRP result and segregate by exception messages and

Material scrap accounting in production line  –scrap other than Assembly, Component and operational scrap in SAP. Introduction: We always here about production efficiency, optimized utilization of materials, improve production techniques in manufacturing and wants measure

Basic steps of report generation by query with example and scenario:   QM Report to get the Vendor name, and DC number for inspection lots by Query:   Introduction: Current QM reports in SAP will