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I am doing a lot of demos to my customers, so that we do a “reality check” in regards to what our actually can do. Once you start playing around with it, it’s pretty simple,

Hello and welcome to this second blog entry around APIs on SAP Cloud Platform! Hopefully you successfully completed part 1 and you are ready for part 2. In this part, we will upload our application

When I started coding, I was writing ASP pages that I hosted on IIS. It was amazing: from static HTML pages to dynamic applications running in a browser! After that I moved to Java POJOs

As you know, SAP API Management is an important pillar for digitalization projects. In this blog I would like to highlight a few features that you may or may not, already know. These features have

SAP Cloud Platform, API Management offers many out of the box API Security best practices which can be customized based on your enterprise requirements. These API Security Best Practices includes security policies for Authentication and

Introduction In this article, I will describe how you can create your own HTTP status codes within SAP API Management. Indeed, sometimes you want to send back specific HTTP status codes that are not within the scope

Introduction If you have been using SAP API Management for a while, you may have setup your own little library of policies that you re-use on a regular basis. For instance, you may want to

API Management is not just “managing your APIs”. API Management is about allowing access to your data and your services in a developer friendly way. Benefits are that you can create digital services, grow your

In Part1 of our OAuth client credential flow tutorial, we created a token endpoint and created a resource to be protected by an OAuth verification policy. Referring to our diagram below, we did implement steps

When considering the implementation of an API Management project, there are many ways to do Authorization. In a digital world, OAuth (especially in version 2.0) has widely used mechanism for cross-domain authorization. If you are