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At long last, the Concur app centre is now available for customers on the Concur EU data centre – activated on 12th August! The app centre has been available for customers on Concur’s US data

I started off with three lighthearted, blogs about why Continuous Performance supported by a proper tool makes business sense. Today, I want to invite you to contribute your own. Whilst the reasons given are (hopefully)

… line managers are simply human, too It is easy to say that the annual performance review was never meant to be the only meeting between an employee and their line manager throughout the year.

“When should we start with Employee Central, how to stage it, and what’s the business case?”. Anybody, who tries to sell you one single right answer for these questions should be chased off your premises

Digital Transformation is probably part of your strategy If your organisation is somewhere between the top 50% and top 3% top performing players in your industry – no matter what that is – “Digital Transformation”

The technical set-up for the new Concur-SAP integration is not really rocket science (deciding on the best design and migration strategy for your organisation is probably the more difficult part). However, it seems some users

One of the big advantages of Concur is that the solution integrates with a large number of 3rd party apps and services. Users can connect their Concur accounts to the accounts they hold with taxi

It’s a truism that in almost any development process it is very difficult in later stages to make up for what’s been missed or gone wrong at the beginning. Whether it’s a young person’s education,

When is my SuccessFactors Delta Certification Due? Just a quick tip as some readers asked, how they would know they need to do a SuccessFactors Delta Certification following Chris’ article about his Employee Central Delta

SAP-Concur integration is something many customers and even more would-be customers in Europe have been waiting for. The old Dell Boomi based Financial Connector between Concur and SAP has never convinced anybody I talked to,