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To rework a Las Vegas truism, what happens at SAP TechEd 2018 most definitely doesn’t stay there. That’s because all three events ─ Las Vegas, Barcelona and Bangalore ─ are delivering a brilliantly crafted new SAP TechEd

Registration for SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, Barcelona  and Bangalore just kicked off for SAP TechEd 2018, so I reached out to Thomas Grassl, Vice President and Global Head of Developer Relations and Marketing at SAP,

If you’re a human resources professional looking to learn, be inspired, and act, the conference to attend is SAPPHIRE NOW 2018, being held June 5-7 in Orlando. “The HR experience at SAPPHIRE NOW is a

If you thought blockchain’s major strength was in its ability to make business more efficient and effective, you’d be missing out on its biggest potential, namely how it revolutionizes co-innovation. This is what Torsten Zube,

After talking with my colleagues on the SAP Digital Business Services (DBS) team about what to expect at SAPPHIRE NOW 2018, being held June 5-7 in Orlando, I’m challenged to find words beyond the usual

Machine learning technology can turn an avalanche of unstructured information – images, documents, text, videos, speech – into something with real business value like less down time in the field or on the factory floor,

When I wrote my first blog introducing openSAP MOOCs to the world five years ago, none of us had an inkling of how this experiment would turn out. Then thousands of course registrations poured in

Driven by a whirlwind of breaking news on all fronts, workplace diversity is breaking free from the confines of human resources to confront business with some stark truths and a mandate for lasting change. With