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Developers are gearing up for an entirely new dimension of personalized community innovation at SAP TechEd 2017 in Las Vegas. “We can’t emphasize enough the importance of community, and everything about SAP TechEd revolves around

Blockchain technology is relentlessly hawked as the cure-all for everything that ails business and society. Pushing the hype aside for just one moment, the super-secure, distributed ledger could well deliver the global supply chain transparency

Over 400 million people will use mobile augmented reality apps by next year.  About a year later, people will be listening to suggestions on living a healthier lifestyle from 100 percent of fitness trackers. And

Lost in the litany of tech buzzwords like big-data, digital, cloud and AI is the human element. We often get caught up in technology for the sake of itself, forgetting that innovation must be relevant

Many of us are comfortable talking to conversational chat bots for reminders, the latest weather or news, directions to the closest restaurant, and other daily tasks. Now AI-powered digital assistants are poised to make workplace

Having just accepted my invitation to SAP TechEd Las Vegas, I reached out to several folks in the know to find out what’s most exciting at this year’s event. Here are the top five reasons

When I first spotted the luminescent white Smart Cities model (at right) on the show floor at the recent SAPPHIRE NOW & ASUG Conference, I couldn’t get near enough to take a photo given the

There’s a simple reason why companies need the internet of things (IoT) connecting information from machines and devices to people who work at all levels of organization. Data powers real-time business, which has become an

It’s happened to all of us. We forgot we left our credit card in a different jacket, call the bank to immediately cancel the card, and scramble to update our numerous accounts with the new

Gartner Research predicts that nine out of 10 companies will do a blockchain proof of concept (PoC) project this year, but most won’t go any further ─ even if they are successful. On the other