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Suman Chakravarthy K

Introduction           In our BW projects, we are frequently required to know the “BEx Query last execution” details from BI Statistics. In this blog, I am going to show ” How to deal with this

Introduction                  Anything in this World requires General/Critical maintenance to increase the survival. I will take two Classic examples here, to make you more clear about What I am going to talk about in this

Introduction                    I am going to share my experiences in migrating Web Templates from 3.5 to 7.0 in this blog. There will be some Tips and Tricks as well as Observations too. Strategy Anything on

Introduction   Analysis of KPIs can be done in many ways during Annual Business Plans in any Business. Especially our Users require Slab Wise or Buckets Wise and Age Wise analysis of data. I am

Introduction                   This is going to be a simple and clear cut understanding on “Clients and Logical systems & How to handle them in our landscapes”. I have seen many posts in SCN about various

Applies to:  BI 7.0 Introduction                  After the BW implementation is over in any client, the data from the Source systems will keep on extracting to BW system on a daily basis. The size of

Hello SAP World!! 🙂                              It has been quite some time for me in SAP BW/BI area. I work for an Automotive dealer. It is one of the biggest organization in Gulf. We have 65

Introduction                       We use several free characteristics in our reports for drill down purpose. At times, we are forced to use huge no. of drill down chars. It will be cumbersome to view all of