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Sujin Appukuttan

This is a self help Blog showcasing how to achieve sequence order for classic BADI Implementation’s. The Sequence of implementations can be achieved using 2 approach in case of classic BADI’s.  The second approach has

Was trying to figure out how to implement BADI_SORTER to guarantee the implementation sequence for the new kernel BADI. Searched SCN and other blogs and could not get any information. So decided to do a

This blog is on continuation to  Part 1. In this part we shall create the BOPF action and display the sale order scenario in the Fiori App using Smart Template. For the BOPF action, go

This blog is for developers who wants to get started with the UI5/Fiori + OData + CDS + BOPF.   Prerequisite:  1) Concepts of Core Data Services(CDS) 2) Basic Understanding of OData service 3) Concepts

   With the introduction of NW AS ABAP 740 SPS5, the New enhanced extended Open SQL was introduced. The new enhanced open sql has some good features such introduction of aggregate functions, right outer join,