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Here is the list of How To vidoes from HANA Academy. If you want to take it on mobile device and learn on the go this playlist will help you. Download them all with single

Description:       Date_Generation transform is used for creating time dimension tables. This transform generates a column which holds the date values based on the start & end dates provided as an input to the transform

1. 2013 will be a change over year for SAP HANA In 2012 we saw the first mainstream of HANA use case BW on HANA hitting the market; it is the stepping stone into the

Here is a guide to how to install SAP HANA on VMware. There was a discussion on SCN Can we use vmware to install HANA? http://scn.sap.com/thread/2153780 To continue answering the thread here is the full

This is a beginner hands on guide how to work with data stores. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services delivers a single enterprise-class solution for Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Profiling, and Text Data  Processing that allows

Hi Here is a hands on guide to do XML Pipeline Transformation. The video tutorial does not contain any audio it is navigation guide only.

A video to show the installation of “SAP Bo BI 4.0 Edge Trial version” (as downloaded from SAP Market Place) With reference to the highly recommended “SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI Master Guide”  – use this

Text Data Processing using SAP Business Objects Data Services with the intension of Text Analytics. SAP BODS provides a single ETL platform for both Structured and Unstructured data as well as Data Quality, Data Profiling

The SAP HANA studio is a collection of applications for the SAP HANA appliance software. It enables technical users to Manage the SAP HANA database, to Create and Manage User Authorizations, and to Create new

Hi All, Here is an easy navigation guide to Create Row,Column based table from Column,Row based table 🙂