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Sudheer Reddy

This Blog helps you save your time to on how to add and remove multi mapping additional tags in IFLOW   In SAP PI it automatically takes care of adding and removing the multi mapping

This Blog gives you a brief overiew of CPI/HCI EDI Integration SAP has released HCI EDI integrations for enterprise license account holders only The technical procedure of HCI edi integration is almost like a see-burger

Recently I worked on a requirement where Rest service will send a Signature field with HMAC-key value in a Json message and this Signature field HMAC-Key value is populated by concatenation of few other fields

  I have designed a requirement to send synchronous soap message to both asynchronous and synchronous receivers without NW BPM, with NW BPM it’s a very easy using automated activity task but the requirement is

Recently I worked on interface development to create a mainframe data set file on mainframe FTP server and below are some inputs which can save your development time SAP note 1530149 already available which explains to