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Sudarshan Survepalli

Having worked with multiple customers in the Native HANA application development and analytics space, one challenge I have often seen is with migrating (or transporting – we use these interchangeably in this blog) the development

In native HANA development scenarios, migration of HANA Content across systems in your landscape (Development  > Quality > Production) is made simple by the use of Application Life cycle Management tools provided by SAP. There

Am glad to share the experience from the recent CodeJam for ABAP on HANA that was conducted at Wipro Technologies Bangalore. The event was a “sell-out” and we had enthusiastic developers making the best use

Hello All, Being an old timer and having worked for quite a long time with ABAP, it was with disbelief that I first downloaded the ECLIPSE studio and installed all the Add-ons for ABAP. Installing