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When the Miscellaneous Resolution for 2015 entered into force requiring the report of the Electronic Accounting (“eContabilidad” or eAccounting), a great number of taxpayers that considered that their constitutional rights were violated filed Amparos against

What began as an e-invoicing mandate in Brazil just over 10 years ago has significantly transformed the way businesses operate – not just in Latin America, but across the globe. Governments are progressively turning to

Organizations will have until July 1, 2017 to go live. The much anticipated CFDI v.3.3 has finally been mandated by the Mexico SAT.  This is one of the biggest changes to the CFDI schema since

On October 14, tax authorities in the United States and Mexico agreed to a new transfer pricing framework that will ease compliance burdens for some U.S.-based manufacturers with operations in Mexico. Those designated as maquiladoras

Accounts payable is a vital function in compliance with Mexico’s eContabilidad accounting requirements. Once a vendor XML e-invoice is accepted by the accounts payable team, the government views it as accurate and complete, then uses

FDI, which stands for Comprobantes Fiscal Digital por Internet, is the electronic billing schema defined by the Mexican federal tax code. It has been mandated for companies doing business in Mexico since 2011. The goal

We frequently talk about the challenges inherent in Brazil’s e-invoicing mandate, often in terms of its effect on shipping, logistics and the risk of operational shut downs. But there are separate concerns facing service vendors

The global focus on curbing tax fraud is shifting into high gear, as reporting deadlines under the Organization for Economic Co-operation’s new Common Reporting Standard draw nearer. What started within individual countries to maximize tax

E-invoicing is now a reality in Colombia, with 58 companies volunteering to begin e-invoicing earlier this year in the pilot program. Eventually ~50,000 companies will be required to shift to e-invoicing in the next few

Earlier this month, the SAT, Mexico’s tax authority, discusses changes in its e-invoicing, payroll receipts (nomina) and payment receipt (comprobantes de pago) processes. Designed to mitigate data inconsistencies and improper reporting, the SAT is paving