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Back in June, with the help of Peter Spielvogel and Tobias Queck, I ran an all-day Personas hands-on workshop here at the University of Warwick. Unfortunately I had to restrict numbers for that event to

Over the last few years I’ve spoken at numerous conferences and other events about SAP Screen Personas and our use of it here at the University of Warwick. At the start of all of these

A litte over three years ago I attended an SAP Screen Personas customer day organised by SAP UK ( Thoughts on SAP Screen Personas after event in London). Much of the content was delivered by

In my first blog about Using SAPUI5 charts in Personas Flavours the example I gave was the Personas 2 migration tool, just because I’d been using that a lot recently. Here’s a business example, visualising

A little over a year and a half ago I wrote a blog about Creating a custom table in Personas using HTML tables, because Personas didn’t support adding tables as a properly supported custom object

One of the things I really (really, really) like about SAP Screen Personas 3 is the much (much, much) improved scripting. It still retains the ability for non-programmers to do basic things easily, via the

Peter Spielvogel is doing a great job of covering the basic JavaScript skills you need to write Personas scripts in version 3 with the same level of functionality as scripts in version 2. I thought

With barely enough time to recover from TechEd Berlin (see Peter Spielvogel‘s blog TechEd 2014 Summary – SAP Screen Personas, Fiori, and the simplified UX) I was off to the UK & Ireland SAP User

This year’s UK Inside Track was in Sheffield, hosted by Steve Lofthouse at Sheffield Hallam University. It was attended by about 60 people – almost twice as many as last year.   Sheffield is a

The reaction to the ASUG survey about HANA, resulting in, amongst other things this blog and this response, has got me thinking. The problem seems to be that SAP have what they think is a