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Retail Tomorrow: How Today’s Technology Is Shaping Retail’s Future Do you ever think about tomorrow? Many retailers don’t. They’re too concerned with what’s happening in the moment. They’re too wrapped up in managing their daily

Charles Dickens describes A Christmas Carol’s Ghost of Christmas Future in frightening detail. The phantom moves “slowly, gravely, silently,” he writes, scattering “gloom and mystery” wherever it travels. Spooky stuff. But the scariest thing about

If you are a retailer attending NRF’s Annual Conference this January, and also claim to be a sports fan (or even fanatic), smile! Execs from the NFL, NHL, NBA, WTA, and Germany’s World Cup team

With apologies in advance to Joni Mitchell, I suggest thatmost businesses “really don’t know cloud computing at all”.  Ask individuals if they use Hotmail or GoogleMail and they’ll say yes, but try to get them

For those of you reading the title and expecting Walmart to bementioned, have no fear, they do have a cameo role in this story. I have spent the last eleven summers vacationing in centralOntario (about

Turning prospects into repeat customers starts with delivering the right product at the right price, at the right location.   Get any of these key pillars wrong, and your best plans may result in an underperforming

Forrester Research recently released its top 10 tech trends for 2014 and beyond, summarized in a slide show on Forbes by Peter High, an advisor to CIOs. While it’s an intriguing look at the future

And we are just about there! Less than a week until the biggest retail event of the year, NRF 2013: Retail’s BIG Show.  SAP Retail is proud to be a Chairman Sponsor this year, and

We are excited to be a Chairman Sponsor at the upcoming NRF 2013: Retail’s BIG Show.  A major concern of retailers is the need to have immediate access to accurate information.  I was able to