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Stephen Johannes

A couple years back I had an idea for a book on the technical aspects of implementing and supporting SAP CRM.  The title for one of the chapters was called the “Zen of SAP CRM”. 

This year I’m going to SAP Teched Las Vegas.  I’m excited to be going, but I also admit I want chance to get a third hands-on workshop.  So I wanted to mention the sessions at

In this day and age we are bombarded with messages from IT Vendors saying that we need to be closer to the customer and “wow them”.  We have to make sure we don’t annoy anyone,

Let’s begin by saying: “Friends I normally don’t blog, but when I do it’s in my personal space”.  It’s been that type of last several weeks where many of my comments probably should have been

After many people asking for technical certification in SAP CRM, I am pleased to announce a new SAP CRM ABAP certification.  There have been many “freshers” wondering how they could get started in SAP CRM

I’m pleased to announce that after hiatus in 2012, SAP Inside Track is returning to St. Louis again in 2013.  Once again the usual suspects from Saint Louis: James Oswald, Eric Vallo and Stephen Johannes

Many years back when the CRM Web Client UI was a new product, and many if not all of us did not know how to effectively create extensions for the product, I got this great

Going to admit right now I have some serious writers block going on.  The only way to resolve this is write something besides what I’m supposed to be writing to help me get the brain

I was reading a blog post few days ago about a 2013 system bug.  The bug really turned out to be standard known issue about batch data programs.  However I then asked the question why

I had interesting thought when I was training for a half marathon.  With all the hype surrounding mobility and the iPhone launch, I wanted to look at what applications I use and how they impact