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Stephan Bantlin

Hello every customer is using user staus within the Plant Maintenance Business Objects like  Equipment, Functional Location, Notification, Order to manage the business processes. Unfortunately Mass Change has of User Status has not been available

Hello as within Plant Maintenance we got quite a lot of dependent master data normally the organization is facing challenges with keeping data in synch the picture below is depicting a typical situation   within

Hello within the Web User Interface the capability of adding Object to the order object List has been missing. This has been added to the Web User Interface of the Order. This feature is now

Hello with activation of Business Function LOG_EAM_CI_5 the field list for operation overview has been enhanced with some fields. Innovation Discovery Enterprise Asset Management Part 5. Unfortunately the capability of influencing if the field shall be

Hello up to now the fields Material Group Cost Element Vendor have been displayed without description within the PM order operation detail as well as in component detail. This has been enhanced now so that

Hello you might be unaware of the ongoing initiative of Customer Connection within Plant Maintenance. This initiative is dedicated to improve the current Plant Maintenance solution in Business Suite. Customer Connect is one influence program

Hello as you are aware within EAM we are using extensively the enterprise search capabilities you find these within Innovation Discovery Enterprise search functionality and a master data information center within the SAP Enterprise Asset

this  brief blog is dedicated to EAM planers who often miss the capability to copy components within the plant maintenance order. This has been an missing quite some time and is available Now within the