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In my role as cloud platform evangelist I wrote many blog posts about SAP Cloud Platform over the course of the last years. From the very beginning [1], one of the key talking points was

Back in June during SAPPHIRE NOW I shared with you how SAP Cloud Platform powers SAP‘s vision of an Intelligent Enterprise [1]. With today’s blog post I want to follow-up and build upon that and

At the time you read this, SAPPHIRE NOW will already be in full swing and SAP’s vision of the Intelligent Enterprise will be the central theme in many conversations and discussions. With today’s blog post

Sitting on the train back from the CF Summit in Basel I conclude it has been a great week overall and with this blog post I want to share my very own impressions with you.

With the Cloud Foundry Summit Europe happening this week in Basel, a lot of hard work and preparation come to an end. As in the past years, SAP is a platinum sponsor of the event

At the beginning of the year I posted a teaser on Twitter stating 2017 would be a BIG year for SAP Cloud Platform and today – finally – the day has came that I no longer have to keep it

Getting a new or existing application to run in the cloud is one thing, but creating a “cloud-native” app designed from scratch to fully leverage the underlying cloud runtime environment is another. This is why

Word is on the street; the platform has a new name: SAP Cloud Platform (see Press Release).  Yet, that name change comprises much more than just (another) rebranding, in fact it sets the tracks for a broad transformation

Welcome back! In part 1 we discussed the basic concepts of Spring Boot and how-to create a configuration setup that allows to leverage all the nifty features (one word: livereloads) AND still support classic WAR deployments

It’s that time of year again… that time we sit down in a reminiscent mood, reflect and write a ‘year in review‘ letter to family & friends. Same here. Yet, instead of limiting it to