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Steffi Warnecke

Hello there, it’s me! Steffi! If you have no clue who I am, that’s perfectly fine. Just keep on reading anyway, please. šŸ˜€ As some of you might know, I like movies, TV series, videogames

So what’s this blog all about? An (really) important part of IDM is the provisioning to other systems. And it’s a part that loves to keep us on our toes, as the amount of threads

Okay, okay, I yield! ^^ Getting me to participate in the Blog It Forward Community Challenge was a group effort by Thomas Zloch, Lukas Weigelt and Jelena Perfiljeva, who made it official, when she joined

I’m not just a fan of a certain adventure-seeking archaeologist, but also of RPGs. So Iā€™m quite familiar with quests and I really like solving them. With the new gamification badges, my treasure hunting mode