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Steffen Schwark

There’s been a great buzz this week following the SAP Fiori announcement. Do check out this site to find out what it’s all about if you haven’t seen it yet but in a nutshell Fiori

After playing with the beta shipment of the UI Development Tookit for HTML5 aka SAPUI5 for a bit over the last week I took away a very positive first impression. The environment was straight forward

In Let the work flow! – Part 1 of this blog series I looked at what could make mobile workflow as pervasive in the business world as mobile email is today. In this blog I’d

The similarity between email and workflow is striking, yet only few organisations have taken this obvious next step after bringing email to mobile devices. Does this also make you wonder why mobile workflow hasn’t become

My Project Santa: Developing mobile apps for multiple device types described how we were about to develop a mobile timesheet app for both iPhone and Android devices. The app went live in January and we

At SAP TechEd Demo Jam two months ago we showed how we plan to make our consultants lives easier with mobile technology. The morning after demo jam I had a proper headache from celebrating our

Having caught a stomach bug last week I was forced to spend a day in bed. To not waste the day completely I decided to watch some of the recorded TechEd lectures. By the way,

Last week Apple announced the launch of a Mac App Store with the next release of Mac OS next year in a drive to bring some of the best ideas from the iPhone and iPad

The first sighting of a Christmas pudding this week in my local supermarket reminded me that writing letters to Santa Claus – and giving them to my parents for delivery – has in the past helped

Anybody still remember the PalmPilot? How you used “Graffiti” to enter text?   The PalmPilot was my first electronic PIM and it addressed a specific need I had at the time. When I was away