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Hello, In this post, I want to show you how to work with change projects, after a tenant has been set to live. Change Projects can be used to do configuration in a test environment

Hello, In this Blog post, I will describe how to pull customized data from Cloud For Customer into Excel. To get started, you need to install the PowerQuery Excel AddOn, which can be downloaded from

Overview The Cloud Application Studio does not allow asynchronous task execution. Webservice calls, Business Object updates.. everything is running in a synchronous way within an application. There is one entity, which runs in background task:

Hello, We are seeing more and more installations where Cloud for Customer should be configured to use Microsoft Azure as SSO Identity Provider. In the past, we have seen some trouble regarding the NameID format.

Hi All, Multiple solutions in one tenant may look attractive at first, but in most cases, it is not a good idea. What is a solution? An SDK solution can be seen as an Add

Hi People, In this blog post, I would like to clarify the question about which kind of custom fields we recommend to use. In C4C, we support different kinds of extension fields which can be

Hello, Sometimes issues are coming up where you cannot update fields on objects that are flagged as writable in the repository viewer. This is often the case, when your solution has been assigned to a

A while ago I wrote a very short ABSL script which works very well and many people do not know why. The goal for it was a duplicate check on a node. Imagine you have

If you have set up a list, which is not using a thing navigation to a TI screen, but an OBN navigation, you might end up having this problem. An OBN navigation from a list

Have you ever experienced the issue with BC sets that are not shown up correctly in fine tuning? The BC view is showing the separator lines, but the BC View is not there? This is