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Today I checked the possibilities of VS Code in the context of SAP GUI Scripting. I use the x64 version and after a while I noted that SAP GUI Scripting works without any problems. So

Visual Studio Code is a platform independent free and open source code editor from Microsoft. It supports a lot of languages with a rich set of features. You can find VS Code here resp. you can

Many classes of the SAP GUI Scripting offers the method DumpState. DumpState delivers a hierarchy of collections with detailed information about the state of an object. Here an example how to make this information visible,

In some cases it is necessary with SAP GUI Scripting to loop over all existing connections and sessions. If a session is busy, which means the SAP GUI is waiting for data from the server, it

To record and replay activities in the web browser I use Selenium, in conjunction with SAP GUI Scripting. But in some cases the browser shows a different behaviour between the recording and the replaying. Here

The GOS supports SAP GUI Script recording, all we have to do is to disable in the SAP Logon the using of native Windows dialogs. More information here.   To try it you can use

The programming language Ruby offers many possibilities. Also it supports with WIN32OLE class ActiveX automation, and therefore SAP GUI Scripting. The following examples shows, how easy it is to take the recorded VBScript code and

As I wrote here is the function module RFC_READ_TABLE very important for many Excel-VBA programmers. But RFC_READ_TABLE has a strong restriction: The length of a result line can not be longer as 512 characters. Here

In many discussions with Excel-VBA programmers around the world I heard that they use the function module RFC_READ_TABLE. This function module (FM) is very important for them to get data from an SAP system. Very

Hello community, in an e-mail wrotes me Stefan Geiger about different behaviour after installing the actual SAP GUI for Windows 7.50 with the changed ActiveX controls. This means the old ActiveX controls bases on Classic