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Stefan Schnell

Machine Learning affects more and more our life. Also the business focuses more on this kind of automatically learning. That was reasons enough for me to be participant of the terrific openSAP course SAP Leonardo Machine Learning

In our business processes are our UI procedures more and more characterized from heterogeneity. You have to handle one activity in a desktop application, another in a web browser and another one in the SAP GUI

For our SAP testautomation application, which is developed in ABAP based on eCATT, we needed a tiny add-on to combine different include SAP development objects in a single file. That’s how I came up with

Business processes are not longer realized exclusively in the SAP GUI for Windows only. More and more, steps are also being taken on other UIs on other devices. In this blog post I describe the possibility

SAPs Extended Computer Aided Test Tool (eCATT) offers in its language two interesting commands – TCD and SAPGUI – to executes some recorded activities. In this blog post I describe how the commands works, from

More and more comes the communication with SAP back end system with standard protocols like HTTP in our focus. So it is easy possible to communicate with an SAP system without any additional libraries. In

eCATT is a very powerful tool for test automation in the context of SAP. In this blog I describe how to use eCATT script from PowerShell. So we can combine the possibilities of eCATT on

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language and it is used in many different application areas, e.g. in scientific and numeric computing. It can be very valuable and helpful to combine SAP ABAP with Python.

If you work with PowerShell in ABAP context it could be profitably to integrate PowerShell development into your ABAP development process. In this example I will show how to use PowerShell ISE to read and

At the moment moves the focus in our development more to native apps of mobile devices. In this context it is my goal to integrate the test envinronment of this app development in our eCATT