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Stefan Schnell

More and more comes the communication with SAP back end system with standard protocols like HTTP in our focus. So it is easy possible to communicate with an SAP system without any additional libraries. In

eCATT is a very powerful tool for test automation in the context of SAP. In this blog I describe how to use eCATT script from PowerShell. So we can combine the possibilities of eCATT on

Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language and it is used in many different application areas, e.g. in scientific and numeric computing. It can be very valuable and helpful to combine SAP ABAP with Python.

If you work with PowerShell in ABAP context it could be profitably to integrate PowerShell development into your ABAP development process. In this example I will show how to use PowerShell ISE to read and

At the moment moves the focus in our development more to native apps of mobile devices. In this context it is my goal to integrate the test envinronment of this app development in our eCATT

Scripting languages plays an important role in the field of automation approaches, also and especially in the SAP context. You can find my automation approach here. In a few cases can it be profitable to combine

More and more is that necessary in automation processes to combine different kinds of UIs in one scenario. One example could be a WebDynpro in the browser with the possibility to open a SAP GUI

More and more dark themes are used. Here a dark theme for the eCATT editor. Copy the XML file below as ecatt_spec.xml in the directory C:\Users\[UserID]\AppData\Roaming\SAP\SAP GUI\ABAP Editor. Thanks to Alex Gönczy for his blog about dark theme

The extended Computer Aided Test Tool (eCATT) stores its scripts in the table ecscr_line. Here an ABAP report which downloads the whole set of all eCATT scripts of an SAP system to the frontend server.

Often it is necessary to set the SAP GUI Scripting parameters with transaction code RZ11 in an SAP system. In this post I will present an example how to get and set this parameters via