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Hello, Since the introduction of the new PI versions with the different installation options (e.g. PI 7.31, PO 7.4, Single Stack / Dual Stack), Seeburger has also issued new versions corresponding to the available PI/PO

In December 2013, Seeburger has officially released the new Adapter Version 2.2.1. This version has been released for the following PI/PO-Versions NW 7.3     SP 1-10 NW 7.3.1  SP 0-10 NW 7.4     SP 0 -5 (same

In the recent weeks, there have been multiple questions regarding the support of NW 74 with using the Seeburger EDI-Adapter. So I am glad that I finally can confirm that SEEBURGER now also supports the

Why this blog ? Based on questions that have been received by customers of the Seeburger EDI-Adapters, Seeburger has now released the first version of an “Administrators Guide”. This is a guide, addressed to XI/PI

In January, I had created the following blog about setting up a B2B End2End-Scenario with the Seeburger EDI-Adapters. http://scn.sap.com/community/pi-and-soa-middleware/blog/2013/01/13/quick-setup It explains the basic concept of handling EDI-Data with the “Classifier/BIC/Splitter” approach. In the meantime, I

Hello, in the past, I have received several questions regarding the Compatibility Matrix and specific questions around this Matrix. Therefor I just want to provide in this BlogPost a quick overview about the corresponding SAP

Hello, in recent years, the SFTP-protocol has become an important piece in the B2B area. Therefor Seeburger had already provided an adapter for PI several years ago. Although there is also an option existing now

Hello,   over the last years, I have encountered several cases, where the Seeburger EDI/B2B-Adapters were correct installed on a customer environment, however the logs were not always configured. If no configuration is made, the

Hello,   since many years, the Seeburger AS2 Adapter is available for PI and is heavily used throughout different industries. The documentation that comes with the Adapter is quite comprehensive and already covers some potential

On the 18th / 19th April Seeburger will be hosting a customer meeting exclusively for Seeburger customers that use SAP and PI together with the Seeburger EDI Adapters. During the Session, updates will be presented