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Change Management and Communications is driving sales learning adoption and impact! Obviously, this seems to be a very bold statement and you might answer: “We are already communicating learning content to our sales force.” This

As sales enablement professional you might have the following three strategic imperatives in mind when building your learning program for the field: improve you field’s selling performance, enable your sales force in new, innovative product

An informed and engaged workforce is key to success for every learning program you are driving: be it for your sales force or your consulting community. However, most often learning programs are failing at a

How to build learning that matters, engage your employees and also leverage Social Media/Web 2.0 technologies? This has been the theme of the eLearning Summit Tour 2013 (German only) I attended in Stuttgart, Germany. This

Change is happening every day in today’s complex Sales Enablement environment. External circumstances and internal forces are driving that change. Those influencing factors could be: evolving buying behavior among customers, dynamic competitive environments, Social Media,

Normally, when being asked as sales enablement professional, if you drive your Sales Enablement holistically, you would by nature answer this question with: Yes. This would comprise the following elements: Jointly define your Sales Enablement

According to Aberdeen, B2B collaboration is becoming more and more a priority for today’s businesses. There is an immense pressure for businesses’ in terms of complexity within operations, making sure customers’ demands are fulfilled and

Again another great week, especially because I have the chance to join our onsite team meeting discussing how we connect our sales and consulting organization to learning that matters. As a matter of fact, I

When looking back at my professional sales enablement career, I have seen lots of great learning and enablement programs. Overall, the produced enablement content was good and it seemed as if there would be no

In my recent blogs, I mainly focused on strategic elements of successful Sales Enablement: how to measure business impact, how to build an aligned Sales Enablement strategy, and last but not least how to drive