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Ran into an issue today, where the text in my FUIObjectView.subheadlineText was truncating, seemingly prematurely. My cell configuration was as follows: cell.headlineText = “St. Marys” cell.subheadlineText = “St. Marys PA\nUnited States” Clearly, there is enough

The SAP Discovery Service is documented in HCPms and SAP Mobile Secure Admin docs.  This post details using the REST API directly, how to set up your domain with the Discovery Service, and also how

The SODataStore model, with the Offline and Online variants, was designed so that MobileSDK developers could program their application’s model in a consistent fashion, regardless of the specific online or offline requirements of the application. 

When downgrading from Mobile SDK SP09 to SP08 to check some partner’s code, I encountered the following error message:  “The Vital Product Data registry is in use by another installer.  Please start this installer after

The SODataOfflineStore contains two methods for synchronizing the local Ultralite database with an OData backend via Mobilink:  flush:, and refresh:. Flush:  submits all pending changes on local database to backend Refresh:  pulls all changes from

skip recursive paths I had a terrible time with the Xcode6-beta2 Swift compiler’s auto-complete, when using objective-c headers and libs in .swift files, and I hear from a colleague that issues remain even with GA

I frequently program directly against a NW Gateway when I’m starting or prototyping, then add SMP to the landscape, once the application is fleshed-out, and I want to add offline functionality.  This has tended to

Sample code Fridays?  Sounds good. The last several posts have been about the HttpConversationManager and SODataStore components.  This ties in nicely with one of the other components which got a major facelift in the SDK

The HttpConversationManager filters When we were starting the design for our next-generation network component, the HttpConversationManager, we looked extensively at simply reusing and extending the two common iOS networking components:  namely, NSURLSession, and AFNetworking.  We’re

Today, I found a use case for testing out the $filter operation on the SODataOfflineStore, and was really pleasantly surprised by the results.  My problem was that the back end has some garbage data, so