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I would like to share my experience from one of Ariba network integration with ECC project. The requirement was to send PO pdf as part of the attachment list when sending PO cXML to Ariba

In this blog I am going to share some helpful information for SRM UI5 Add-on developers ( with ABAP knowledge ) about important classes that you need to remember while debugging any issues related to

At some point or other in an UI5 project we encounter a scenario where the catalog upload is successfully done, ESH test search brings up the correct result,  but when end user searches for the

In SRM, most of the business objects creation/display is handled in ABAP WD FPM and the screen is composed of several different webdynpro components in turn. If you are familiar with how a webdynpro application

In the previous blog SRM UI Add on 1.0 – Custom fields Demystified, we have seen how data maintained in “Extensions and Field control” is extracted using OData services and translated into custom fields on

Few weeks before I have been put into SAP SRM UI5 implementation and I was very excited to say the least. I finally got a chance to work on UI5 in real project. My first

This document explains how confirmations are transferred to ECC ( both material confirmations and service entry sheets) and gives some useful tips for supporting issues encountered. Confirmations for Material items Once the confirmation is created

Few days back I posted a question in abap webdynpro forum contracts POWL – calling contract mass change application to understand how SAP manages to call the specific webdynpro application, when we click on document

I am sure every developer worked in SAP SRM 7.0 knows this BADI by heart. It is used to modify SRM webUI dynamically using some custom logic(look at my blog for more details Web UI

In this blog, you will find details about how to build a splitApp mobile application using SAPUI5 and also how to use routing mechanism to navigate between different views. Before reading further please look at