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Srivatsan Sundaravaradan

Hello Guys, In this blog, let me describe briefly on my views regarding the adoption, role and impact of IoT in the automotive space and how the OEMs and other players in automotive space are

Bangalore, the silicon valley of India has been experiencing heavy rainfall during recent days and now the city is gearing up for another heavy rainfall but this time its raining sessions at SAP TechEd Bangalore

SAP with its Leonardo offering is enabling customers to transform their business by providing intelligent systems that would integrate with the core enterprise business systems creating endless possibilities to the customers to maximise their business

INTRODUCTION   This blog is related to few of  my experience working on  SAP HANA. It has the problems that I faced during a migration project (from Oracle PL/SQL to SAP HANA SQL Script) ,

INTRODUCTION:   This blog is about my experience working on synonyms in a HANA migration project. This blog will give you an idea of how synonyms behave in different situations and how to overcome them.

This is a blog on some of the options that are available in text analysis. Shore descriptions with example codes.   Text Analysis is the process of analyzing unstructured text, extracting relevant information and then

iBAS – IOT based After Sales(iBAS is developed by a SAP Partner in cooperation with SAP Co-Innovation Lab).   There is tremendous excitement surrounding IoT (Internet of Things) as the next big wave. Often underestimated,

Introduction:   SAP HANA has provided a feature to generate a column with auto incremented values from SPS8 onwards. I had the situation where I needed to generate a column automatically (generating ID for the

As most of us know, SAP has recently added block chain into its portfolio of enterprise offerings to help businesses “Run simple”. Let me write down my thoughts on how block chain can strengthen existing

With the advent of IoT and BlockChain driving the business in today’s digital world, let me put forth  my thoughts on how these technologies and platforms would enhance the business values and pave way for