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Sridhar Natarajan

This weblog will help you understand the “Tools” menu in the data-flow editor which will allow you to export/import your graphical message maps as MappingTool Export files (.mte). This .mte file is an accurate representation

This blog is a brief about an actual project case where digital signature creation/validation was implemented in XI. All messages flowing from the source application through our Messaging System – (SAP XI 3.0 & IBM

style=”font-size:10pt;”><font face=”Arial”> This weblog lists some of the most useful SAP note numbers with their description for some of the XI Components that I have utilized in my project. These were very useful to me

style=”font-size:10pt;”>In this blog we will take a quick look at one of the ways to raise runtime exceptions in XI mapping so that it terminates the processing. We came across a scenario in our project

style=”font-size:10pt;”>We had a project requirement where the Integration Server had to process the IDoc XML messages created by the IDoc adapter in the same sequence that the Idocs were sent from the SAP R/3 system.