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This week all roads towards north-east outskirts of Bangalore will be full of consultants, enthusiasts, some customers of SAP going to take part in their flagship event – SAP TechEd. Like many others, I shall

This blog is very very special because this one is the very first blog on new #SCN. It is technically 71st one of a family that now transcends 3 generations since SDN days to very

TechEd Bangalore is like an annual pilgrimage for me. This year it’s special because of long to & fro commute befitting the journey hardship real-world pilgrims undertake with the excitement getting to know latest SAP

Quite some years back I wrote a blog series named From Functional to Technical sharing experience of a functional consultant handling custom developments as part of his/her project work. Now I am wondering how and

For a long time I was under the impression SAP IBP was HANA only application with just 2 layers DB and light-weight Web Application Server for Presentation layer (that is part of HANA Platform in

I am writing this blog post not in S/4HANA space but SCM – APO space for a particular reason. The title of the blog post says it all – why should we APO consultants pay

After exploring IBP this quarter, I gathered my thoughts together to share lessons learnt, practical points in this blog. Being a long-time (I dare not state since when) APO practitioner has its advantage exploring SAP

Ever since S/4 HANA was announced there was mention about Simple Finance and Simple Logistics. After Simple Finance release by SAP there is fair amount of documentation around key data model simplification and thereby leading

This a question in the minds of clients and more importantly for us SAP Consultants who have been working with APO for past 15 years or so. There is lot of debate offline and online

At one of my recent clients we are responsible for monitoring daily and weekend Planning Run results setup in SAP APO as multiple background jobs managed through Process Chains. Production Support Team was tasked to