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  Connecting to SAP HANA with Microsoft Excel Microsoft excel is most widely used BI tool across the globe, with excel we can explore well versed SAP Hana data.SAP HANA supports the query languages SQL

Single Sign On ( SSO) Configuration For Hana DB Using Kerberos This blog explain the steps on setting up of Single Sign On ( SSO) Configuration For Hana Database With Kerberos . SSO allows a user

How To Integrate Hana DB with SAP Lumira This blog describes simple steps on How to Integrate SAP Hana Database with Lumira . I have also give overview on how the data can be seen

Hi All, This blog is on SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SR1(SPS03) Managed System Configuration- JAVA(Enterprise Portal) , it is very useful for beginners who has started working on solution manager . I have explained each

How to Accelerate\speed up the Upgrade process of Productive System SAP Solution Manager 7.2 In the following blog I have described an alternative how to reduce significant downtime reduction and speed up content activation on your

Hi Friends, I came across few posts/threads where people are looking -How to apply patch for single component with out generating XML file in solution manager. So I thought lets write a blog on this

How To Setup Inbound SMTP Mail Configuration on SAP ABAP Stack Hi , In this blog I would like to share my experience on Inbound mail configuration. Please find the step explained in detail for

How To Perform Hana DB Row Store Reorganization Row store memory size is a lot bigger than the actual data size in row store and shows high fragmentation ratio A row store table requires more memory