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Business Function: HCM_607_PAOMP1_M Basically mass hiring it will happening through BDC/LSMW but now EHP7 on wards it will happen though web base. Now EHP7 Mass Processing for Personnel and Organization is available. With this business

Business Function: HCM_TIM_WDA_1 Advantages: Multiple Approvals for Leave Request in ESS and MSS is available. With this business function, you can enable the leave request application to support leave requests that must be approved by

Business Function: HCM_PD_UI_2 Support Level: SP03 Advantages: With this business function you can display organizational charts based on pre-defined evaluation paths. The embedded organizational visualization component improves transparency and provides better navigation in the structures.

Advantages: As of EA-HRCIN 607, the business function HCM HR Policy Management India (HCM_LOC_CI_40) is available. This business function enables the creation, implementation, modification, activation and roll-out of policies and its related processes in the

Advantages: As of EA-HRGXX 607 SP00, the business function HCM, ESS on Web Dynpro ABAP 3 is available. This business function adds new features to the business function, HCM, ESS on Web Dynpro ABAP 2

Employee Self-Service on SAPUI5 (New)- HCM_ESS_UI5_1/EHP7 Business Function: EA-HRRXX 607 SP14, HCM, Employee Self-Service on SAP UI5 (HCM_ESS_UI5_1) is available. With this business function, you can activate Employee Self-Service (ESS) applications based on SAPUI5. The

Please follow below steps for e Separation inbound  email configuration. Step:1 Create inbound email id which accept mail and process mail(as like sender and receiver) Step2: To create user and assign inbound email id to

Description The SAP® ERP Human Capital Management solution enables HR to facilitate effective talent conversations and support your management team in calibrating the performance and potential of talent. The solution supports the end to-end review

Description The SAP® E-Recruiting application helps you find the right talent and build long term relationships with current and potential employees. It enables you to cut recruiting and sourcing costs and improve employee retention. You

Description of Performance Management Employee performance management with the SAP® ERP Human Capital Management solution helps you effectively plan, assess, optimize, and analyze the performance of your workforce. You can set individual objectives by cascading