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Siva rama Krishna Pabbraju

Recently, I have come across a situation where I need to consume data in Json format from multiple APIs. Here, I need to loop on first set of records and read second set of records

Download in XLSX format: My Problem Statement: Whenever I have tried to attach XLS document to email or download XLS document from any ABAP report to presentation server. I have faced a warning message while

Have you ever wondered how to find a text table of a table ? Well one would say it is lot easier to find. Just  go to the table in SE11, Press on Goto and click

I am excited to share this information. Before I say anything, I want you to see below screenshot. This is a background job information of two programs namely ZSD_LOAD and YSD_LOAD. Both the programs have

Recently, I got a requirement to add an option “Select All” to the Multi Combo Box. I want to share my approach to achieve this functionality.   My Approach for the Solution: I have downloaded

Background: While I was surfing through few S/4 systems, I came across a behavior in a system (1511), whenever I have executed the transaction XD01 or XD02, it is redirected to transaction ‘BP’ Initially I

Here comes my second blog from my learnings Recently I got to work on an application where I have transposed data of rows to columns. I will not be able to mention anything about my

I have started learning and developing apps in SAPUI5, few months back. While developing few applications I have learnt few things, which I would like to share. These learnings may not be new or interesting

Recently I got a requirement to change the text for ‘Cancel and Keep work item in Inbox’ , a SAP standard option which will automatically populated in any user decision. While I was searching for

Courtesy:  Inspired by  Gamification of the PO Approval Process – A 3D World Proof of Concept by Kevin Small. BACKGROUND:    I thought of building games in SAP for a long time and could build