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Bookmarks are saved navigational states of a Web application.In the bookmark functional area of the Reporting Agent, one can manage the bookmarks created in the system for all BW system users. Many a times we

This blog is continuation of my previous work BW on HANA – Pre Migration ACTIVITY . Many of us , who have been involved in OS/DB migration project [including migration of BW system from XXX

The below blog intend to help HANA admin to have a sample template that they can use for monitoring there HANA environment on pro-active basis. you all are invited to add you comments if you

I happen to change the password for the schema owner in my HANA landscape .Changing Password for Schema owner handled by L T Replication Server is always tricky.The password is also stored in the DB

Here are two simple SQL querry that can help you to find it out the size of HANA DB . we have two aspects here :- 1.column store 2.Row store to find column store utilization

The Intention of this blog is to share a checklist  of steps (major one in terms of source system preparation ) prior to migrating you BW from XXX database to SAP HANA .Most of the