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Security is all around us. We have firewalls, VPN’s, encryption and policies. Yet still it seems that millions, and in some cases billions of records, (our information, our documents, our money and our private details)

What is the difference between enterprise search and web search? So that is the question. The answer should be a really easy one, such as “Well the web search cannot access your enterprise content. Can

While this may well be the case, as ‘my index’ is a parallel processing real-time powerhouse of IoT, It is completely irrelevant to this particular discussion. Enterprise Search, and Search in general, is said to

First, allow me to apologize in advance. I am writing this article as I believe it may provide some insight into how and why you may want to use Apache Drill to act as one

Have you ever wondered why enterprise search does not seem to work? Or why it takes so long to implement? Or even why some enterprise search is called federated, when it is blatantly searching one

In the workplace, data has become the golden ticket for companies to drive sales and stay competitive. In terms of Big Data, the majority of the focus has been on the development of analytics –

What HIPPA does is it requires a healthcare provider, health plan, public health authority, employer, life insurer, school or university, or healthcare clearinghouse to protect health information relating “to the past, present, or future physical

Many people view cloud storage as a gift from heaven. People have wholeheartedly embraced it because it streamlines workflow and makes work life easier. Without even having to think about it, BYOD and cloud solutions

Every year, experts turn to their enterprise magic crystal ball and share their thoughts on predictions they have for the upcoming year. As fun as it is reading about the trends that will be successful

Passwords were once considered an excellent first line of defense when it came to protecting your data. And while there has been a push to create more complex password combos filled with letters, numbers, symbols