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Reference SAP Note 2078425 – Troubleshooting note for SAP HANA platform lifecycle management tool Software/Patch required  IMDB_SERVER100_122_1-10009569 IMDB_SERVER100_122_1-10009569.SAR SAPCAR hdblcm_prepare.sh Prepare HANA Package for Upgrade Download the following components in the directory of your choice (here

This document is based on one of the major issue on memory bottleneck we are facing in our HANA landscape where we have BODS, BW and HANA DB all running on the same server. The

Backup catalog contains information about the backup detail (history information). As the time passes by and if proper retention period for such information is not maintained then these information keeps on growing and thus increasing

For network bandwidth testing you need the newest NIPING version for this test, please follow SAP note 799428 to get it. First start the NIPING server on Secondary server site which you plan to use

Note: In This document I am only taking example of Dictionary Compression. The following figure shows where the data in Name column is stored when it is in uncompressed format:                               In uncompressed format the

The standard SAP recommended Node role would be as follows: In the above screen shot we have three nodes in which the first node has been set as Master node for Index and Name server.

Why Asynchronous IO: Undesired synchronous I/O can have a major impact on the HANA performance, especially restart time and table load time for read I/O as well as savepoint and write transaction commit times for

The process defined below can be executed on daily basis during off peak hour or after every 3 days. Also it can be repeated on specific HANA Node if memory utilization on specific HANA node