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Shanu Patil

Digital Transformation is not a destination for SAP, but an ongoing journey to evolve along with new technologies and confidently redefining businesses. The emerging new technologies including big data, cloud analytics, IoT, AI etc. are

Emerging technologies is changing the complete outlook of business models in 2016. Digitalisation is driving force behind transforming the way businesses operate and compete. It aims in making economies more efficient and contributing towards better

Business Processes are vital for the continued success of an organisation. Strategic orchestration of these business processes spurs organisational growth. Its absence challenges business to coordinate and efficiently managed the various processes across the organisation

In the midst of a technological revolution, Business Intelligence (BI) has evolved from a simple data analysis tool to a mechanism for business transformation. In its latest guise, BI has proven an invaluable tool for

SAP focuses on Big Data for 2014 In 2013, SAP solidified its market share by implementing cloud-based initiatives (including SuccessFactors and BusinessByDesign) to provide cloud, in-memory and mobility solutions for businesses on a global scale.