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Shankar Reddy Chamala

Overview: This document explains about hiding buttons in standard business workplace POWL query Inbox application. Here i didn’t explain much about POWL query design related. Requirement: Hide some buttons in workflow inbox POWL query in

Overview: In Leave request application, leave types field will show all the leave types for employee which ever is applicable. It will show the leave types which contains leave quota 0. This document explains how

Overview: This document explains how to restrict display of no quota balance leave types i.e remaining balance 0.00 in Time Accounts application. Requirement: In Time Accounts application, it should not display the no quota balance

Overview: This document explains how to display the part appraisal documents in MSS POWL application instead of ESS POWL application for part appraiser. Identification/Issues in standard: In Standard, POWL will show all appraisal documents for

Overview: This document explains how to provide the option to create requisition request as section manager for responsible organizational units. Identification/Issue: In recruitment, from MSS role only manager who had chief position (012 – Relationship)

Overview: This document explains how to display approver’s details of HCM Process and Forms in required format. I have tried in different ways and find this solution finally and thought it may useful for others

1933509 – New customizing switch RECFA PRNTQ allows recruiters to print off questionnaires from their dashboard. 1933610 – Allows the recruiter to find data faster and easier searching by reference code. 1933625 – This note