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Let me start this blog by imposing upon you, my view of the solution building blocks from SAP that looks to address the topic of integration and orchestration. The above multitude of products provisioned by

APIs have been around for over a decade now. Early APIs were message ‘contracts’ exchanged between programs. With the advent of Internet, in the early 2000s, slowly there was an explosion of APIs that were

The blog Integration Centric Process – Exception Handling in BPM would have helped set a context around handling exceptions within your Integration centric process. In this blog, we will take the Exception handling to the

Many Architects , across organizations using PI (dual stack), tend to be very discouraging of using ccBPM in integration scenarios. They are happy to go to any extend in recommending workarounds so that ccBPM based

I must admit that I wrote the blog, SAP and Integration: The Dark Clouds May Have Just Passed! with mild optimism. Optimistic about the strategy of SAP around integration given that we are today in

Two years back when I wrote the blog, SAP –  A Comprehensive Integration Solution?, I wrote it with a bit of frustration having worked in Integration and numerous SAP based landscapes for quite a while.

It is said that enduring happiness is not in serving ones own needs but in serving others with compassion. It is in helping bring a positive change that is most rewarding. Take the example of

Sometime back when I was writing the blog, A Gateway to Lightweight Services: Enabling Mobile and Web Applications, the key question and the disconnect that became visible to me was the non-availability of a mechanism

I remember the first time I went for a TechEd. It was in 2005 and it was the Bangalore TechEd. At that point being an eager integration consultant, I found myself surrounded with buzzing acronyms