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Seshadri Sreenivas R

This sample workflow application shipped as part of SAP Web IDE, helps you to experience collaboration feature in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow using SAP Jam. Scenario Description Steve is the head of business accounting in

A sample workflow application is shipped as part of SAP Web IDE to help you experience collaboration in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow using SAP Jam. This blog details the pre-requisites to complete before you can

If you want to know about the latest and greatest features from SAP Cloud Platform Workflow, then you are at the right place. This blog is a one-stop source to find all the information you

In this blog I explain how you can configure user tasks in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow, and how to take full advantage of the available features for your use case. A user task is a

With the SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Service CW48 2017 (28-Nov-2017) release, the following enhancements are available: Enhancement to task-instances REST API The REST API is enhanced to support updating the following properties of a task

This is part of a multi-blog series concentrating on how to consume the backend APIs in SAP Cloud Platform Workflow Service. Context Building and extending cloud application workflows can unify processes across systems and connect human-centric activities