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Last month, I attended SAP Tech Ed in Las Vegas and I have written a series of blogs about the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) #whereTheCoolShitHappens. Further, since Raphael Pacheco  was asking about what other language support

El més pasado tuve la oportunidad de asistir a la conferencia SAP Tech Ed en Las Vegas y he escrito una serie de blogs acerca de la nube de SAP series of blogs (SCP) #whereTheCoolShitHappens. Añado

Last week I had the privilege to be back at SAP Tech Ed in Las Vegas. I met a lot of wonderful people, one of them Craig Cmehil who suggested to me to continue writing some blogs

La semana pasada tuve el privilegio de estar en el evento de SAP Tech Ed en Las Vegas. Conoci mucha gente, uno de ellos Craig Cmehil  quien me sugirio que siguiera con los blogs en español,

Welcome back to my blogs of HANA XSA. With the upgrade from HANA 1 to HANA 2… and the changes from the initial architecture into the XSA architecture, we now have many different new folders, file

Hello again. Earlier, I wrote about downloading, installing, and doing a basic demo on XSA (H2SP03) using the HXE (HANA Express Edition). On this blog, I would like to showcase what features the HANA cockpit

Hello SAP community, I hope you are all having a great week. If you are getting ready to go to Tech Ed in Las Vegas, I look forward to seeing you there. If you are

hello readers, this is the 3rd post in my series of experiences while working with HXE2SP3. If you have read the other 2, thank you… if you have not, please check them out. Part 1

Thank you again for reading my blog on part 2 of my experiences while installing HXE2 SP3. on my previous blog – i mentioned how to the installation, and create a sapui5 basic module. In

hello readers… what a ride this has been in the past few weeks trying to install, set up and code this demo on the HANA Express edition HXE 2 SP3. I kid you not, this