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esta es la version en español del blog Analysis of the SCP Microservices for Location Data Muchas industrias y procesos de negocios necesitan mantener direcciones correctas (entre otros datos). En muchos casos, esto no es

Many industries and business processes require correct addresses (among other important data). In many cases that is not what we find in our systems. It is a constant battle between buyers and sellers to maintain

este blog es la version en espanol de Developing UI5 Apps via the SCP WEB IDE   Recientemente me uni a un equipo de trabajo nuevo y comparti diferentes formas para crear prototipos de aplicaciones

Recently, I joined a new team and I was explaining different ways to create ui5 prototypes (hopefully, eventually, real applications; using build  , the on-premise web workbench  <host>:<port>/sap/web/ide/editor, and now via the SAP Cloud Platform

Este blog es la version en español de mi blog Pointers while updating sapui5 version   Después de varios meses de estar ausente en mis blogs, he regresado a escribir algunos blogs a cerca de

After a few months of being away from blogging, I am coming back to write a few blogs about SAPUI5. Mike Howles recently had a great blog about Lumira Designer 2.0 SDK Components  which you

En este blog quisiera compartir mi experiencia acerca del SAP inside Track Mty que se llevo a cabo en la ciudad de Monterrey, NL, México.   Este evento se llevo acabo en Julio del año

Happy 2017 all and thank you for reading my first blog of this year. Those of you who followed me in 2016 probably remember my blogs through development of CDS tables, data models, security  and

First of all, I want to thank SAP and the authors of this great book on “SAPUI5, The Comprehensive Guide” – Christine Goabels, Denise Nepraunig, Thilo Seidel and Sarah Frazier.  Anyone interested in learning more

2016 is a BIG year for SAP TechEd and I am honored to be participating as a speaker for the first time. First of all, I would like to thank Moya Watson and Tammy Powlas