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XML templating is a powerful tool to fine tune your SAPUI5 app appearance. It can help to substantially reduce your code and layout by tailoring it to the metadata definitions of your OData service and

The previous part of the series briefly explained how to implement a Custom Control library for SAPUI5 and then deploy it to the HCP to make it possible using the library by your other UI5

Despite the enormous quantity of controls supplied by SAPUI5 framework it is likely that at one or another moment you realise that your end users go whimsical and you face a task of creating another

While self-studying UI5 development I tried both Eclipse and SAP Web IDE and I must admit neither worked for me as I expected. Not that I would list exact points of each I was completely

When developing a WDA you can run into a problem when you need to perform different tasks depending on actual standard action the user selected. The proper place to do this is your view WDDOBEFOREACTION

Recently I found myself as a SAPLink user- a client of mine was not offering a remote access and at the same time they were expecting some pilot solution ASAP. So I had to do

The issue A client of mine asked for the Workflow for some DMS document manipulations and among others I decided to use SAP standard workflow task TS00007842, actually this is a call to CV02N transaction.

It turns out that default Result checker for MBOs and their operations which contact SAP backend supports only those SAP BAPI’s whose RETURN parameter is based on BAPIRET2 structure. But actually lots of usable BAPIs

A couple of weeks ago I decided to test how it fills with Sybase Unwired platform and so I went for SUP SDK with AWS account. As you can see SAP creates SUP instance on

As you might see in different ABAP forums people ask repeatedly for a function module doing some simple date calculation, e.g. end of month or weekday calculation. The first question, the rhetorical one – “why on