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Introduction:                                                     Today the modern integration has transformed to be more than machine to machine messages. I would like to explain the Integration possibilities between the SAP Contract Management (CLM) and SAP Enterprise Core

1. Introduction The following content describes the solution which was implemented for one of the clients. This is the industry specific solution (RNIF – RosettaNet Implementation Framework) which was delivered based on the client requirement.

Triggering Outbound PI Proxy though BADI in SAP: The IDoc/RFC/Proxy methods of communication can be used during SAP and PI integration. Generally The IDoc is the standard mechanism for sending data from SAP system to

            I would like to share information on security mechanism through PI when the sensitive customer and business data is sent through PI Interfaces to third party systems. The AEDaptive created a tool was used

Introduction of Siebel iWay Adapter Introduction of  Siebel iWay Adapter – PART1 – PART1 Sender instance of Siebel iWay Adapter and about its protocols  Sender instance of Siebel iWay Adapter  – PART2 – PART2  This blog is

Sender instance of Siebel iWay Adapter supports the following transport protocols. 1) File  2) HTTP 3) MQ                              We can choose any of the above transport protocol depends on the requirement, feasibility and load of

I would like to present a series of weblogs on iWay Siebel adapter. Recently I got an opportunity to work on integrating Siebel system with SAP system using XI/PI. We used iWay Siebel Adapters for