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Sébastien HERMANN

Creating technical documentation in BW is always a pain. Anoying pages and pages of tables : cubes attributes, transformation mapping… No brain, no gain… but lots of customers ask this kind of docs, because it’s

Last month, i published my abstraction class to manage Word OLE link. It can generate complete (and complex) word document, but it is a little slow for big tables. OLE is an old technology… DOCX

Hello, I wrote an abstraction class to generate complex MS Word document from SAP. This class is delivered “ready to use” and cover, i hope, a large panel of usage. Why this class ? OLE

Hi everybody, I want to share with you one of the best program from my toolbox. I called it ZTOAD, in reference of a famous query builder in the SQL world. As you know, SAP

Hello, If you are tired of see this popup when trying to display a provider content, you have now a fresh solution : ZLISTCUBE This program is designed to replace standard LISTCUBE and do almost

Hi, Tired of using the crappy AL11, i have done my own version, called ZAL11, with some enhanced features… Extract of the header :* This program extend AL11 basics functions :* – Navigate in remote