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You may remember the possibility to attach a HANA Database (for example the HANA Express Edition) in a more or less legal way to the ABAP Developer Edition by simply copying one or more database

In the discussion under the blog post “ABAP – The Special Snowflake”  by Nigel James Jelena and Michelle asked me for a blog post about a real world example for ABAP Unit tests. As you may

What is WioLink WioLink is a Kickstarter funded, ESP8266 based open-source Wi-Fi development board to create IoT applications by virtualizing plug-n-play modules to RESTful APIs with mobile APPs. Kickstarter campaign What is the BBGW The

Last week I’ve been at the DSAG ABAP Developments Days in Walldorf. At the usual visit of the tapas bar in the evening we had a discussion about the translation of development objects in ABAP

A couple of weeks ago I’ve heard about the Google Knowledge Graph API for the first time. All of you who followed my work in the last years probably know that I’m interested in all

Because the old “SAP Code Exchange” plattform is dead since 2013, it isn’t easy anymore to follow all of the great ABAP Open Source projects here on SCN and around the Internet.   Overview of

Last week Christian Drumm (@ceedee666) and Fred Verheul (@fredverheul) had a short conversation on Twitter about functional programming in ABAP which results into new code on the internet project “Rosetta Code“. On Rosetta Code developers

(Edit Jan 24, 2015: added Transaction handling and side note (this is the last update here, all further tutorial versions you’ll find here.) The other day I’ve played a bit with the Open Source Graph

You may (should) have read part I of this blog post already to understand the motivation why I haven’t used SAP Gateway for this short example. In part I you’ll also find some information /

This year, just a week before I’ve started my wonderful vacations in Barcelona and Alcúdia, I had again the pleasure to hold a session at SAP Inside Track Hamburg. Because I’m not able to provide