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My name is Aamar Hussain, I have over 10 years experience consisting of engineering to solution architecture in various verticals and at various levels. My focus is on listening to and looking at ways of

Angela Mazza, Senior Vice President, Head of Cloud & LoB Middle & Eastern Europe, Member of the Senior Executive Team @ SAP, shares her experience as a sales manager in the IT industry. In this

Predictions for the future of cloud computing hold that cloud and related technologies will have a profound impact on the way we do business. It will provide an opportunity for companies to reinvent their business

Valentine’s Day – a yearly event that could be a romantic minefield. A card? Handwritten or electronic? A cards and flowers? (what if they are allergic?). If they are not into flowers, is a gift

During the past couple of weeks, the SAP Cloud team has been collecting predictions for Cloud Technology in 2014 under the hashtag #CloudPredictions. In a sense we went shopping for THE Cloud Crystal Ball.                     

You may not be able to avoid a social media scandal. That is a fact. Now deal with it. The recent news of the man who bought promoted tweets to complain about an airline is

SAP has just kicked off a Global Cloud Campaign the week of the 8-12th July. To give you an idea , 12 language pages have been created to serve multiple countries across all regions (North

I had the opportunity to talk at the M2C Digital Reset : 22-23 April in Hamburg. Great presentations from Jack Daniels, Dell, Billboard, Domino’s Pizza, The Economist etc.  I was the only B2B social media

Posted on behalf of David Ahrens ,Global Vice President Cloud Marketing. I am excited to see so many of customers and partners at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando this week. As you’re walking around SAPPHIRE NOW,

In a very short time the number of computing related clouds have exploded, Public, Private, Hybrid etc. Everything seems to be rebranded/ cobranded/ reinvented/ paint jobbed as a ‘Cloud’. Many questions are being raised, e.g.