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For continuation read part 1 Integration Aspects in Sustainability Reporting for Economic KPI under GRI Framework – Part E1.   Salary Structure for Jobs (Report RHCMPJOBPLCOMP)   The report lists the names of the jobs

Please refer part L1 for continuity, Integration Aspects in Sustainability Reporting For Labor Practices and Decent work KPI Under GRI Framework – Part L1   Aspect: Occupational Health and Safety   LA6 Percentage of total workforce

In this blog, let’s see how the existing modules of the SAP can be leveraged for sustainability reporting to report on the Economic KPIs under GRI framework.   Aspect: Economic Performance   EC1 Direct economic

In this blog let’s see what are the key modules that capture the information related to the Labor Practices and decent work KPI.   Aspect: Employment   LA1 Total workforce by employment type, employment contract,

Sustainability Reporting is gaining wide spread popularity in the corporate world, but in spite of this, the unpredictability we are facing is far more unprecedented at present, at least for our generation. The collapse of

Please refer part P1 one for continuity:   Integration Aspects in Sustainability Reporting for Product Responsibility KPI under GRI Framework – Part P1.   Aspect: Product and Service Labeling (conti…)   PR5 Practices related to

The modules that capture the data relevant to Product Responsibility KPI, the standard report that can be used, enhancements that needs to be carried out in standard reports are discussed here so that we can report on these KPIs.

Please refer the previous blog for the continuity. Integration Aspects in Sustainability Reporting for Human Rights KPI under GRI framework – Part H1.   Aspect: Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining   HR5 Operations identified

Please see Part S1 for continuation. Integration Aspects in Sustainability Reporting  for Society KPI under GRI Framework – Part  S1. Aspect: Corruption (Conti…)   SO4 Actions taken in response to incidents of corruption.   In

In this series of blogs, I plan to explain how Sustainability Reporting under GRI framework can be taken, using the existing SAP Modules. First, the KPIs are explained in simplified terms with appropriate examples. Then