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Sathish Babu Krishna Vihar

It was in early 2013 that I got exposed to and started using grunt heavily for performing the build activities on one of the HTML based UI projects and recently I had the opportunity to

The goal of every enterprise is to server their customer which ultimately influences and benefits the end customer, which is generally the common man also known as the end user, residing in a home. Over

With SAP Screen Personas 2.0 SP02, it is now possible to check if the basic configurations are in place and whether they are good to enable the client to render. This option is available in

After having dirtied my hands at blogging in my personal blogging spaces, finally I feel ready to take the plunge in SCN – thanks to the initiative at SAP Labs India and the sessions from

It was a great experience representing SAP Screen Personas at SAP TechEd Bangalore, thanks to the highly knowledgeable, well informed and the inquisitive crowd.  Personas had a good presence this year with multiple sessions and