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In my last 2 blogs was discussing about SAP Leonardo Concept & Design Thinking which leads to idea generation. The idea will converted into a prototype by using SAP BUILD. Before starting with the actual

In my previous post we have seen the overall business & technical concept of SAP Leonardo. Today’s topic will cover next main ingredient of SAP Leonardo, that is Design Thinking. Design Thinking = Using logic

4th wave of industrial revolution. IoT Bob Caswell, Senior Product Manager, IoT Smart Connected Business Internet VS IoT Internet = product of people, by people, for people, is about people IoT = Physical world(with ability

In my previous post, we have covered on how to setup & analyse in big date in Hadoop environment via Hortonworks Apache Ambari portal: Big Data Sample Setup & Visualization in Ambari. The data is

A very much continuation from my previous write-up Hortonworks – Big Data Hands-on. We assume now the Ambari portal setup is done & ready for action once follow the previous posts. “Ambari is Apache Hadoop based

Source: Gartner The theoretical comparison between Big Data Vs Conventional Data: Time to explore more hands-on with Hortownworks(SAP’s big data partner). Setup the environment Virtual Box, VMware & Docker are the 3 options available. Virtual