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Sarhan Polatates

I could not attend both TechEd’s in Las Vegas and Barcelona, but I tried to follow it online and from the fellows’ tweets. 4 or 5 years ago Bill McDermott has declared in an interview (sorry I

I have just selected as SAP Community Hero for year 2018, many thanks to everyone who nominated and supported me and again many thanks to Community selection board that selected me. I believe my most

It is obvious to move S/4HANA in order to keep moving in new and digital economy, I really do not want to re-list why, this has been explained thousand times. I want to focus more

This idea dropped in my mind after successful #sitKIDS event in #sitWDF. Unfortunately I could not attend, but followed in twitter thanks to SAP community. Imagine a group of young talents and trying to influence

My favorite quote by Albert Einstein : You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created. I have chosen this quote to support companies for their decision about moving S/4HANA. Basically

I am personally involved one of the largest S/4HANA 1610 project in Turkey. Project is being implemented for TAT Gıda (Diary products and Food producer including cold-chain) and Düzey Pazarlama (One of the largest Distributor

I was really impressed when I have first seen the module called Profitability Analysis in year 1997 or 1998, not really sure about the year. Having all P/L related transactions’ financial impacts in one single

I have prepared a survey about S/4HANA to understand the product knowledge base and roadmap among SAP Customers in turkey. My purpose is to focus on right topics in SAP Inside tracks and give insight

S/4HANA 1709 will be available shortly with many innovations and better functionalities.  Early information about the planned innovations has released by SAP on July: As you can easily notice that new version is the best

I made a google search and could not find any article or definition about Key Digital Indicators, so most probably I am the first one who is defining this topic or approach 🙂 Key Digital