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Sarhan Polatates

Each of us trying to convince customers to migrate HANA from anydb. Most probably this is one the most important job among the sales and presales people in SAP EcoSystem. Year 2014 and 2015 I

I would like share my experiences about SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA (SAP S/4HANA)  Customer Care Program. You may be in a position to make decision to shape your future digital platform or about

First off all every SAP consultant or SAP consultant candidate must accept that SAP and SAP ecosystem is being re-imagined.  You need set up your own strategy to be the part of this new world. 

Most probably; key to success in consultancy is to love questions and issues. Imagine a world or an enterprise that has no issues or questions, then nobody so called “consultant”, “expert” or “specialist” will be

It has never been so easy to make more money with SAP, if we compare it with any age. 5 years ago, having accurate information, business insight or speed was very important, but today these

In year 1992 SAP revealed revolutionary ERP solution R/3. This product redefined the current ERP software market with its unique features and architecture. Client-server architecture was distributed the process load to front-end as well, graphical

We are living in a real mobile and connected world. So the applications which run on mobile devices should be really mobile. Then what is mobile application or what makes an application real mobile. I

Using the power of ABAP language and SAP platform as a database we have developed an audit application for existing SAP users. I would like to share you the details here: Main purpose of the

S/4 HANA is the latest innovation by SAP, has many features such as: real-time analytics by HANA-live, beautiful User Interface on any device, on anytime, anywhere, re-imagined and simplified business logic and database. On top