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Saravana Kumar Kuppusamy

It’s been a very long time, since i have blogged on SCN. In my current project, we are using PI JDBC sender adapter and we faced few issues in the course of configuring and testing

Hello Everyone, I wish to share a technical challenge i faced in one of our client’s PI environment and how we went about resolving the issue. Let me explain it taking one specific scenario, where

Hello Folks, I intend to share an approach we put to use in one of our client’s PI environment, where in we are integrating their core SAP AFS solution with their legacy systems. The technical

It has been a while since i wrote a blog, had a feeling that i have learnt nothing new to share :), but then, i remember developing an integration scenario some time back, i believe,

I thought of sharing to the SDN community, details on the exercise i am currently involved in Wipro, as part of the Netweaver Competency Group. The objective of this exercise is to showcase the adapter

When posting an IDOC to XI, the receiver system configured in XI can be a Business System, a Business Service or an Integration Process. Let us consider a simple scenario where in an SAP system

The J2EE-based Adapter Engine of SAP XI 3.0 provides various adapters that can be used to connect external systems to the Integration Engine. These adapters convert XML and HTTP-based messages to the specific protocols and