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As the year draws to a close, SAP can point to numerous successes in its journey to bring innovation to its customers and partners. But the company isn’t in a purely reflective mode as it

Digital transformation is one of the highest priorities for SAP and its partners as we help customers on their digital transformation journeys. From Internet of Things to 3-D printing to Big Data, the technology innovations

October is a busy month for healthcare-watchers. In the US alone, calendars are marked to commemorate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month, and National Physical Therapy Month. There are more health-related issues

Are you experienced? Check out these videos showcasing key highlights from the Experience Zone at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando 2015.

It’s hard to keep up with all the news unfurling at SAPPHIRE NOW – – from keynotes to award ceremonies to customer panels and beyond. Luckily, SAP TV’s Megan Meany has condensed some of the

The shooting pains in his back were the first sign that all was not right with young Adam Smiley Poswolsky. He felt them when he woke up for work, suffered even more when he was

SAP TV’s Megan Meany took her popular weekly show “The Spin” on the road this week. Broadcasting right from the show floor, Megan served up more than the usual amount of news, views, and fun

They’re not on your keychain. You won’t find them at the bottom of your handbag. And they’re not in your back pocket either. Your keys to the SAPPHIRE NOW 2015 keynotes can be found right

What is the impact of IT on healthcare, and what role does SAP play? SAP’s commitment to the healthcare industry dovetails with its aim to improve people’s lives: * Over 7,100 healthcare providers in 88

Even in times of uncertainty, businesses manage to innovate and thrive. In fact, they display a real yearning to soar as high as they can with a minimum of impediments. The SAP Forum event held