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I have been an active member of SCN since 2012 and it has changed my life for the better. Normally everyone learns much from SCN but once  felt I earned from SCN and of course

My Quickest Blog ever. SAP Lumira! its indeed the fastest self learning BI tool. 😛 Best Regards, Sara

Hi SAP Gurus, I’m called Saraswati Ganesan Iyer officially, aka Sara G Iyer. First of all I would like to thank my friend JAGATHSHREE IYER for inviting me to the BIF Family. I wanted my

One another creative component. Which can be made easily, which looks classy and catchy. It may be little longer than my other blog posts , but bear with me, because the result of this is

Creativity in the Charts can make the component look different altogether. Here is one such example. Follow the screen shots below to achieve the different views of a simple Pie chart. Tube/Donut Chart Wheel Chart

There are many scenarios in which the selections are more, and every time the selections are changed the dashboard get refreshed. In such cases we can have a Submit / Modify Button placed  with the

Drilling Down on any thing with the help of a Hidden Combo Box.  This Document is particularly for beginners and learners. Just follow the screen shots below and achieve the drill on any chart. In

Like many other miscellaneous components, source data is one among. Many wonder , what this excel imaged component does. Developers who tend use many formulas in excel usually encounter the scenario of circular-referencing. This component

In a huge dashboard there are several tabs, and usually there most have the space constraint. Below is the easy way to overcome this. 1. Lets assume the menu names be Year, Quarter and Month.

The usual scenario faced with charts in dashboards is the tilted axis labels, here is one possible solution for it. Follow the simple steps below. Let’s assume the data to be mapped to the chart